well i don’t have much to say today. miss claire has been quite cranky for the past few hours, courtesy of a gassy tummy.

we had some good news yesterday that claire will NOT need a hip brace for the time being. her pediatrician said the looseness is not too severe and she would just want to do a repeat hip ultrasound in a few months. we also cancelled all her neuro appointments today. we began to feel really uncomfortable with the idea of the CT scan and exposing her to radiation for a non-emergency situation. she’s already had quite a few x-rays which makes us want to limit any more of them. i’ve realized with all of the medical interventions she needs that you really have to research things and not take doctors at their word. with so many specialists involved, they really do not do a great job of communicating with each other and it forces parents to decipher what is best for their child. in my opinion, the more we are able to allow claire to be a normal baby and give her time to grow the better. so all that brain stuff is on hold for now.

instead we enjoyed a beautiful lunch date with daddy and even lily at joe’s farm grill. sitting in the shade under the huge trees, enjoying lemonade and sweet potato fries- it was a lovely day. that is until the gas monster arrived. 🙂i'm mad!

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glitter time.

Oct 7, 2008

pumpkin suppliesclaire and i had our little craft time today with tons of glitter and mini pumpkins. i have to say claire wasn’t much help. she just laid back and chilled while i worked away! 🙂 i’m not really sure how successful this project was. by the end my entire kitchen table was covered in glitter (my a/c must have caused some sort of glitter drift) and the pumpkins ended up looking so-so. i need to email jaimee rose and ask her how in the heck you glitter them since it’s nearly impossible to pick them up after you slather them in glue. it gets all smeary and sticky but i tried my best.  here’s the results.

pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin

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for jina.

Oct 7, 2008


our autumn wreath.

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tiny feet
1. a lunch with nostaglia. pb and j sandwich with a side of raw carrots and dip. all i needed was to add one of those little cartons of chocolate milk. hmm, where do you get those from besides lunch ladies?

2. baby dream smiles. claire has the most heart melting smiles in her sleep. gummy ones with dimples and the sound your mouth makes when it’s really big. i can’t wait until she smiles at me like that.

3. wreaths. i have one for every season and it makes me giddy to put up the fall one every october. i wish i had a reason to stare at my front door more!

4. a google chat with my sister in law alex. somehow she makes me feel so supported and cared for just by simple, everyday conversation. i love her.

5. adrian. he got up to feed claire @ 5:30am so i could sleep, got ready for work, and kissed me goodbye saying, “i’ll miss you today.” perfect.
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i’m bugged

Oct 7, 2008

after months of bed rest/hospital/nicu craziness it’s been great to have all of us at home again and begin our new life as a family.  now that we’ve entered the fall season (which in phoenix simply means ‘less hot’) we would like to sit outside in our backyard to breathe in the fresh air.  also, it’s football season and when i grill i like to leave the door open so that lily and i can come and go as we please.

there’s one problem with this scenario: bugs. we can’t leave the backdoor open for too long before another fly enters the house and we busy ourselves chasing them for the next few days. then just the other day i discovered a new ant colony in our backyard. annoying.

one solution to these problems is to just buy some pesticide and get it over with but we’ve been trying to tone down the use of chemical products around the house. also, with claire’s array of medical concerns we certainly don’t want to add any more harm.  i also like do-it-yourself projects because of the challenge and cost savings. so i googled around and found eartheasy, which is a site that promotes ‘ideas for environmentally sustainable living’. i found this article that gave me some options for our ant and fly problem…

ants“Trace the [ants] back to their point of entry. Set any of the following items at the entry area in a small line, which ants will not cross: cayenne pepper, citrus oil (can be soaked into a piece of string), lemon juice, cinnamon or coffee grounds.” it’s a trap!

flies“Use mint as a fly repellent. Small sachets of crushed mint can be placed around the home to discourage flies.” i might use their custom flypaper instead but i’m sure this method smells better.

i will definitely try a few of these options so we can enjoy the outside again. i’m not going let flies ruin by football/burger experiences anymore!
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oh how i adore martha stewart. is there anything she can’t do in the most perfect mary poppins way? one of my biggest dreams is to convince her to be my mentor and start my own hipster homemaker empire. except instead of button down shirts everyday, i’d wear flirty retro dresses from anthropologie and chie mihara heels. a girl can dream, right?

anyway, one of her most genius ideas is glittered pumpkins. jaimee rose over at the az republic has already gone glitter crazy for two years in a row and i am joining the club. i plan on buying a few little pumpkins in white and orange, then head over to michaels to get some of martha’s glitter glue and glitters and having my own little craft day with claire. it will be a nice distraction from her upcoming ct scan, neurosugeon and neurologist appointments on wednesday. plus it will usher in october at our house and i am all about creating an autumn atmosphere in our hot weather. i’ll post pics of the fun tomorrow!

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claire bunnyi thought i’d better give an update of what is going on with claire bear since i’m not sure how much everyone knows. although there is a lot that adrian and i will not know until claire gets bigger and develops over the years. here’s the story so far- claire was born at 35 weeks because i had dangerously low amniotic fluid (i was in the hospital @32 weeks.) she was frank breech, which means her feet were hooked above her shoulders (ouch!) and because of this, we recently discovered she has hip dysplasia. she will most likely need to be in a soft brace for a couple months to correct it, no biggie right? if only that was the only thing she had to overcome! claire was born with a part of her brain missing called the corpus callosum. it basically helps the two sides of the brain communicate. combined with that she has a few cysts in her brain as well. both of these issues separately are usually not too serious but combined raise more of a red flag. her doctors tell us that what they see so far is very promising and baby’s brains adapt so well and make new connections in amazing ways. we are faithful that her brain will continue to grow, repair and develop as we have already witnessed. she may have some delays but we do not have any reason to think they will be significant. claire also has some blockage in her kidneys and they are being closely monitored. her specialists are hopeful that the blockage may clear itself as she grows and since the function is normal right now they do not want to do anything. we are so thankful that her kidneys work and seem to be healing themselves! lastly, claire has serious feeding problems. at the hospital we discovered that she has a weak swallow and aspirates thin liquids. we tried thickening her formula but still had a choking episode so she is fed with a tube that goes from her nose to her stomach right now. we are starting feeding therapy on friday. god is so good that he provided a therapist so quickly for her! the doctors are again confident that the poor swallow is something that will improve over time and will not be permanent. so there you have it. our little miracle. she has already proven she is a fighter and full of strength and wonder.

for you created my innermost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made. your works are wonderful, i know that full well.
psalm 139: 13-14

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Oct 5, 2008

just an fyi that we added a photo page on the right sidebar. it links to our flickr account, where you can view the pics in different sizes as well as print some if you want. we finally got a new camera yesterday since ours broke a couple weeks back so look for lots of model shots of claire, she likes to play dress up!

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welcome to our vender family blog! i have been meaning to start something to keep all our family and friends in the loop since baby claire arrived but as many of you know, the transition of new mommyhood along with the many hurdles claire faces have delayed me. adrian and i also plan to use this site as a creative outlet for our little hobbies and interests so don’t be surprised if you see a recipe for cupcakes followed by some nerdy technology find from adrian. just teasing babe! anyway thanks for visiting and i hope you’ll keep coming back!

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