anyone who really knows me knows that i love lists. making lists, checking lists, top lists, whatever. i like them! so i thought for fun i’d start a top three thursday category (and believe me i need some fun.) and i want you to share your feedback and own top threes in the comment section of course!

so to kick off, the theme is albums you have on heavy rotation right now.

here’s mine:

1. franz ferdinand, tonight. i have a serious love for rock music with a dance beat. if i need a pick-me-up, i play this album and boogie in the driver’s seat. yes, i car dance. and i am quite good at it.

2. shawn mcdonald, roots. this album has basically kept me sane for the last year and a half. the song winter captures exactly where my soul is right now and the song captivated is a constant reminder for me that there is beauty even when i feel pain.

3. justin timberlake, futuresex/lovesounds. do i even need to give a reason why? oh and claire may only be a one year old but i can tell she already has a jt crush too.

so there’s mine, what’s yours?

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michael jackson.

Jun 25, 2009

i am sitting with my laptop listening to my fave mj song on itunes, pyt (we can make it right, hit the city lights)…crying. call me silly but michael jackson meant so much to me as a kid. i thought he was the bee’s knees, the ultimate cool, the cutest guy and i wanted to marry him. seriously. i had this poster of him in a yellow vest hanging on my bedroom wall as a 2nd grader and i kissed his face everyday. i used to dance around in my basement to the thriller album and tragically smashed it while twirling with my fairy princess wand. the little girl in me will always remember him as the mesmerizing, unbelievable talent that he was. goodbye michael.

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new single.

Jun 24, 2009

one of my absolute favorite bands, david crowder band, has a new single from their upcoming album available for download on itunes. this makes my heart so happy. i am double the happiness because it also happens to be “how he loves” one of my absolute favorite worship songs at church. a song my mom loves to sing to claire. and a song that we most definitely will be singing at claire’s birthday celebration.

He is jealous for me,
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realize just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me.

And oh, how He loves us so,
Oh how He loves us,
How He loves us so.

We are His portion and He is our prize,
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes,
If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.
So Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss,
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest,
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets,
When I think about, the way…

He loves us.

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