my pretty patient.

Jul 14, 2010

little miss claire is sick with her first big virus. crazy that she made it almost two years with nothing more than a day of minor sniffles! but this week has been full of sneezing, mucous and finally learning how to cough. in some ways, i think this respiratory infection is a blessing, claire is becoming more comfortable with her gag reflex because of it and understanding that coughing isn’t such a scary thing. way to go claire! even while being under the weather, she is still her charming little self.




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claire may not be able to talk or see like a typical little kid but she sure has a lot to say. i love observing her facial expressions in photos, i feel like i can tell exactly what she is thinking at that moment. she sure has a ton of cute, silly and sassy looks. (in case you are wondering, she was getting ready for naptime by the end of these photos which is why she didn’t want to open her eyes as wide. also morning was fading into a hot desert day, hence the rosy cheeks.)


IMG_2245(claire has recently learned to suck on her hands. she loves it.)

IMG_2246(she also loves to stick her tongue out. but just a little bit. she is a lady after all.)

IMG_2248(she is snuggling me here. or trying to tell me i am squeezing her too much. i’m not sure.)


IMG_2254(i love this picture. she is drooling down my arm, enjoying it and i am like “eek!” haha!)


IMG_2260(she thinks her dad is so funny!)

IMG_2272(i think right here she is telling us how hot it is getting and she wants to leave.)


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May 31, 2010

this is claire during feeding time.


seems innocent enough right?




she’s become a little sassy pants.


and only wants to play. not eat.


if you were here, you would hear her little laughs right now.


she’s thinks this is all a joke.


and she is so cute and silly it is hard to be mad.


i gave up. and now she is saying “what? who? me? i am an angel. i promise.”


little stinker.


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if you haven’t heard yet, our good friend, mike, has uncovered one of his natural talents just in the last year. it seems like it was only yesterday he was coveting our mutual friend’s camera (on our labor day weekend trip to san diego) and now he is selling his prints to the masses and getting tons of requests for photo shoots. he is THAT crazy good! isn’t it so neat to think that as a 30-something adult you could have this genius ability that even you aren’t aware of until it is discovered? i love that. so check out mike’s work, order prints and contact him for your own photo shoot!

and here are some photos mike took spontaneously of claire recently:




i love everyday pictures like this. just capturing a moment of fun while out with friends. i’ll treasure these shots forever, mikey.

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the simple life.

Jan 28, 2010

when i slow down and take it all in, it’s the everyday things that mean the most. like afternoon coffee runs with my favorite little person. she babbles and entertains me in the backseat. and i can’t help but smile at those polka dot tights.




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a little peek into claire’s world… she absolutely loves trying to sit on her own. i use her boppy pillow as a trainer and added support. but she is pulling herself forward and waving those arms around and most of all enjoying it! she is getting very good at it and i hope someday soon she will be steady all on her own. here’s some photos of her play time:






oh and please forgive the messy hair. claire is a chronic offender of bed head. detangler is her best friend.

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i’ve been slacking again. honestly i really haven’t felt like writing in some time and taking pictures hasn’t been a priority lately. sorry.

things have been up and down around our house. claire is still on the diet, still having seizures. don’t get me wrong, we have seen major improvements. there are many times she wakes up and doesn’t have them, but sometimes she still does and they can be pretty strong ones. she also has stopped tremoring periodically in her right arm and doing little “jolts” like she used to. she learned how to babble about 2 weeks ago and talks to us every day morning and night! she is also trying to sit on her own, she likes to try and i am very confident that someday she will get the hang of it. she has been super smiley especially in the mornings, which of course makes my day. overall, we are happy with the small changes we have seen and plan to stick to the diet. the doctor reccomended increasing her medicine to see if the combo of it with the idet will work better. so we increased in a few days ago and are hoping we see more improvements.

here’s something else claire has learned to do:


she likes to tell us when she is sleepy. so sweet.

and get ready here are LOTS of pics of just being cute. to catch you all up on the last month.


she likes making funny faces.



the following are pics adrian snapped of us having a girl talk.







she loves bath time.


until her paci falls out.


family pic at schnepf farms festival.



what a cute smirk!


my silly girl.



halloween night. she was a claire bear.


and wanted none of it.


she was not happy with us. and did not get to trick or treat. because she screamed instead. bummer.


at least one vender girl enjoyed her costume.


that’s it for now! congratulations on making it through this looong post! i’ll try to add the pictures to flickr soon so they link up and you can print them if you want!

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seriously people. she is the best ever. do you read her blog? if you don’t then i am so mad at you right now. it is eye candy yumminess every day. her pictures make me smile, make me get teary, make me think, make me appreciate the beauty in this world. go! go right now and devour every post!

awhile ago, we received the final pictures that she took at claire’s first birthday party. i have been bugging adrian to help me embed them here but he is so busy, so instead you’ll just have to follow this link to see the slideshow. they’re amazing, huh? i can’t wait to get big prints and hang them all over my house (if you want any, there is a shopping cart icon on the bottom right). and i can’t wait to do a family session with misty in the future. especially now that claire is off the sleepy medicine and so much more awake.

hope you enjoy the pictures and misty’s blog!

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there is nothing sweeter than a daddy with his baby girl. there are no words…





heart. is. mush.

more on SD vacay 2009 later.

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hooray for football season! at the vender house we are HUGE arizona state fans, go DEVILS! we had the amazing opportunity to attend the home opener as a gift from our sister-in-law’s  parents. alex’s dad is the president of idaho state, our opponent of the night. he treated us to great seats in the 14th row, a sweet parking spot and we even got to attend the idaho state pre-game party too! it was so nice to see Alex’s parents again and to take claire to her first sun devils game. of course, our devils did not disappoint and won 50-3!
claire was in absolute heaven for the entire game. i’m telling you, this girl is born to be a musician. she could not stop smiling every time the marching band played or music blasted through the speakers and she even cracked up at the fans cheering and clapping. she was a smiley, wiggley little girl for hours! it was so fun. here’s some pictures from the night and a little video of her grooving a bit:

IMG_1348our attempt at a self-portrait, sorry claire!

IMG_1353the family, aren’t matt and yasmine looking so cute?

IMG_1362my cute little cheerleader

IMG_1395snuggling with papa.

IMG_1385claire and her papa rich.

IMG_1365we attempted to capture her smile so many times but this girl would not sit still!

and here is a video of her having fun, this is only a tiny glimpse of her silly self!

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