Photobooth Time

Aug 16, 2011

Here are some of my favorites from the photobooth at Claire’s party:

Sara, Rachel and Jina being goofy.

Just a few of the adorable kiddos at the party.

Katie, Jason, Levi and Estelle.

Matt, Yasmine and Chloe. Fun!

Sarah, Alex and two cuties!

Ryan and Alex. My family is awesome.

Mike, Jina, Lyla, Ty and Ty’s Iphone? Haha.

Lisa, Abby, Logan and baby number 3!

Omg. This one might be my fave. Mike teaching Todd how to be gansta.

Sara, Tyler, Rachel, Wyatt and Tatum (if you can see her!)

Abby and Logan. (They actually took these in secret of themselves, too funny!)

Daireth, Matt and Tatum.

Mom and Marsha.

Mom, Dad, and Chloe.

And now for our personal family fun…bear with me, we find ourselves quite entertaining and we went a bit crazy.

So much fun! I think a photobooth should be standard party activity.



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Claire turned three at the end of last month. I can hardly believe it. We had a nice get together with our closest friends and immediate family at the house. I handmade a lot of decorations for Claire and we ate yummy brunch food. Here are some pictures our dear friend Mike Olbinski snapped of the day:

The theme of her party was based upon this print, which is a song title that The Roots perform from her favorite children’s show. So the decor featured lots of hearts in coral and aqua. I didn’t remember to take photos during the party so I sadly didn’t get any big shots of all the things I made to decorate the room. There is so much to do when hosting a party that I forgot all about documenting all of that! But I really appreciate Mike getting these pics because without them, I would have none!

We also did a photo booth upstairs. It was lots of fun to look through the pictures and see what everyone did. I’ll do a post soon of my favorites 🙂

We love our friends and family. Too many cute kids to count in this bunch.

Claire had an okay time. She got a little overwhelmed with all the people and noise at a few points. I totally understood. So we don’t have many pictures of her either. But her dress was adorable and had interlocking coral hearts on it. Of course she coordinated with her party, duh!

We showed a slideshow at the party with everyone’s pictures and videos that they sent with birthday wishes for Claire. I will treasure this slideshow forever.

I also made a picture collage of Claire throughout her first three years. This picture is a closeup but it was in the shape of a giant heart.

Hope you enjoy the photos, if you want one of them to download and print off just email me and I can send the photo to you.

Love you all!

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