a facelift!

Mar 5, 2011

you may have thought i’d forgotten about this little blog. sorry!

in actuality, i hated the way it looked. it made me want to barf. and i didn’t want anything to do with it until i spruced it up a bit.

hope you like the makeover! i wanted to keep it simple and clean. hopefully when we get some new family pics taken this year, i’ll change out the picture in the header to a more recent one. but thanks to our good friend mike for taking the pretty picture of claire back at her second birthday party!

a lot has happened since i last posted. the holidays have passed, a new year has begun and many things have changed.

adrian is still loving his job and being a spectacular husband/daddy as always! the exciting update on him is that he will return to playing drums at church on april 3rd! i cannot wait!!

i am still blogging with my friends over at Hey Little Birdie. i absolutely love it. if you haven’t checked it out yet- please do! i’ve also started to help out organizing refreshments at our church’s art gallery for First Fridays downtown and on sundays for church services. a love of hospitality and food go hand in hand for me so it is a perfect way for me to contribute.

lily is doing great. still as hairy as ever. she’s had some bad allergies which make her kinda stinky lately. but she is on medication and we should get that under control soon.

and claire. well as you know, there is always oodles of news where she is concerned. she has been moving and growing and babbling up a storm. every day her little personality comes through more and more. she loves to roll around on the floor, is learning to scoot, and we get tons of smiles and giggles. she definitely lets us know what she likes and doesn’t like!

her seizures have changed. she doesn’t do as many. but some of the ones she does are very different than they used to be. she does a stiffening in her body for a few seconds and then releases. she might do it once or twice and then she’s done.

she has two hospital visits coming up. first one is march 11th for a g-tube. it is a small button like thing on her belly. we can feed her directly into her tummy or give her medications through it. it will be a beneficial tool to making sure she gets all the hydration, nutrition, and medication she needs. since she is growing so much, i spend SO much time trying to get her to get all her food in. she is a typical toddler who might decide not to eat- whether she is sick/wants to play/is mad/the options go on and on. except she is not the typical toddler who eats fast and makes up for missed meals on her own. and it is a problem when i spend so much time force feeding her that we don’t have time to work on teaching her new things like straw drinking or on therapy time. she also hates her medicine and tries to spit it out all the time. it is a big stress. a g-tube does NOT mean that claire will not eat by mouth. or that we are giving up on her doing it 100% on her own someday. in fact, it will help give us more time to work on those skills. we can practice chewing hard foods and drinking from a cup all while her nutrition is being put directly into her tummy. it’s not something that anyone will notice unless she is unclothed and it will not hinder her in any way. when we don’t need it anymore, it is a simple few stitches to remove. the surgery should be quick and just an overnight stay in the hospital. please pray for the surgery! pray that claire would be safe, heal fast and benefit greatly from it!

we’re also going in on april 4th for an overnight video EEG to get a look at what her brain is doing. i am not looking forward to it in the least. so i’m not going to think about it until the date is closer.

anyway- that’s the latest!

here’s some pictures from the last few months in case you aren’t on facebook to see them.

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  1. Alex Evjen
    March 5th, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Love the face lift and I love you guys! Big things coming up for Claire, and Ryan and I are praying for all of it! Looking forward to more posts even if it’s just iPhone photos of my Claire Bear. =)

  2. Allison
    March 6th, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Love the new look… yellow gingham ribbon is so you and so Claire 😉

    So excited about Claire’s big achievements… I think I’m going to call her Scooter now 🙂 Happy to hear about the G-tube as well… I think that is going to be so great for everyone!

    You are all in my thoughts… will be thinking of Claire on the 11th to get through surgery quickly and happily 🙂

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