labor day weekend.

Sep 7, 2010

we just returned from our annual labor day weekend to the beach with some of our bestest friends and their families. it always goes too fast! this year we had both ups and downs on our brief vacation. claire did great sleeping for us (which is hard for any kid away from home!) and had very few temper tantrums. she got to interact with her friends some and had a great time hanging out on the sand. she loved the feeling of the sand between her little toes. she got a minor sunburn on her cheeks which i felt HORRIBLE about! at least it should turn into a nice tan since she inherited her daddy’s good tanning genes. and as always it is a blast to spend time with our good friends, these families are like our family and we love them beyond words.

the hardest thing was claire started having more spasms the day we left. she has done such a big girl job of switching off formula and eating lots of solid foods. unfortunately, it seems her brain isn’t too keen on these changes and is letting the ugly spasm monster emerge with greater force. starting tonight we went back on the formula to see if it helps get things under better control. all those spasms meant i was a big ball of emotion for much of the trip, which always makes things not quite as peaceful and fun. but i really tried to keep calm and remember that this is not permanent and enjoy the time we had at our beach house. (this mantra also came in handy when our car almost broke down in el centro, california. a super hot, super small town in the ¬†middle of nowhere. one hour and a big answered prayer later, it thankfully started back up!)

one of the best parts was a visit from adrian’s brother, eric, who lives in san diego. we already miss him and can’t wait until christmastime to see him again! of course i did not get many pictures, big surprise huh? it’s always so hard for me to remember that with everything else going on! i did manage to snap a few though so here they are:

our little sunkissed girl playing one morning.

the dad’s getting buried in the sand.

all covered up!

mommy and claire enjoying the nice weather.

you can’t tell but adrian is somewhere under that wave. it smashed him!

claire had the cutest bikini on. but she wouldn’t lay still and model for me. she was too busy rolling and trying to get in the sand!

fun football games in the FREEZING ocean! they didn’t seem to mind too much though. they stayed out there until they were shaking and bright red from being knocked around! i already wish i was sitting there watching them again. if only we could move to san diego full time! i wish!

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  1. emily
    September 7th, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    she looks like she’s modeling to me;) so precious!

  2. Sara
    September 10th, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    The trip was so fun!!

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