claire may not be able to talk or see like a typical little kid but she sure has a lot to say. i love observing her facial expressions in photos, i feel like i can tell exactly what she is thinking at that moment. she sure has a ton of cute, silly and sassy looks. (in case you are wondering, she was getting ready for naptime by the end of these photos which is why she didn’t want to open her eyes as wide. also morning was fading into a hot desert day, hence the rosy cheeks.)


IMG_2245(claire has recently learned to suck on her hands. she loves it.)

IMG_2246(she also loves to stick her tongue out. but just a little bit. she is a lady after all.)

IMG_2248(she is snuggling me here. or trying to tell me i am squeezing her too much. i’m not sure.)


IMG_2254(i love this picture. she is drooling down my arm, enjoying it and i am like “eek!” haha!)


IMG_2260(she thinks her dad is so funny!)

IMG_2272(i think right here she is telling us how hot it is getting and she wants to leave.)


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