Sep 11, 2009
World_Trade_Center_1993 by peter_dahlmann.
i found this beautiful shot of the world trade center twin towers on flickr today. eight years ago, i woke up to the news blasting though my normal top 40 radio alarm. confused as to why the news was playing, i turned on my tv only to see that tower one had been hit. i then watched as the second plane hit and the towers fell. at the time, i was a senior at ASU and called my parents, who were living in chicago, immediately. all i wanted to do was to go home, hug my mom and feel safe again. 2970 innocent people lost their lives during this unbelievable attack. and they were people just like me who started that day off as if it was any other normal day. i want to live every day i have to its fullest, embrace it all, be truly present- because i never know when it might be my last.

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