seriously people. she is the best ever. do you read her blog? if you don’t then i am so mad at you right now. it is eye candy yumminess every day. her pictures make me smile, make me get teary, make me think, make me appreciate the beauty in this world. go! go right now and devour every post!

awhile ago, we received the final pictures that she took at claire’s first birthday party. i have been bugging adrian to help me embed them here but he is so busy, so instead you’ll just have to follow this link to see the slideshow. they’re amazing, huh? i can’t wait to get big prints and hang them all over my house (if you want any, there is a shopping cart icon on the bottom right). and i can’t wait to do a family session with misty in the future. especially now that claire is off the sleepy medicine and so much more awake.

hope you enjoy the pictures and misty’s blog!

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Sep 11, 2009
World_Trade_Center_1993 by peter_dahlmann.
i found this beautiful shot of the world trade center twin towers on flickr today. eight years ago, i woke up to the news blasting though my normal top 40 radio alarm. confused as to why the news was playing, i turned on my tv only to see that tower one had been hit. i then watched as the second plane hit and the towers fell. at the time, i was a senior at ASU and called my parents, who were living in chicago, immediately. all i wanted to do was to go home, hug my mom and feel safe again. 2970 innocent people lost their lives during this unbelievable attack. and they were people just like me who started that day off as if it was any other normal day. i want to live every day i have to its fullest, embrace it all, be truly present- because i never know when it might be my last.

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there is nothing sweeter than a daddy with his baby girl. there are no words…





heart. is. mush.

more on SD vacay 2009 later.

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hooray for football season! at the vender house we are HUGE arizona state fans, go DEVILS! we had the amazing opportunity to attend the home opener as a gift from our sister-in-law’s  parents. alex’s dad is the president of idaho state, our opponent of the night. he treated us to great seats in the 14th row, a sweet parking spot and we even got to attend the idaho state pre-game party too! it was so nice to see Alex’s parents again and to take claire to her first sun devils game. of course, our devils did not disappoint and won 50-3!
claire was in absolute heaven for the entire game. i’m telling you, this girl is born to be a musician. she could not stop smiling every time the marching band played or music blasted through the speakers and she even cracked up at the fans cheering and clapping. she was a smiley, wiggley little girl for hours! it was so fun. here’s some pictures from the night and a little video of her grooving a bit:

IMG_1348our attempt at a self-portrait, sorry claire!

IMG_1353the family, aren’t matt and yasmine looking so cute?

IMG_1362my cute little cheerleader

IMG_1395snuggling with papa.

IMG_1385claire and her papa rich.

IMG_1365we attempted to capture her smile so many times but this girl would not sit still!

and here is a video of her having fun, this is only a tiny glimpse of her silly self!

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catching up.

Sep 3, 2009

so it’s official i am a bad blogger. but i have excuses, you know? many of them! anyway, here’s the latest in the vender world-

  1. drumroll please…my littlest brother matthew and his girlfriend yasmine are engaged to be married!
  2. we have a new addition to the evjen side of the family, an adorable golden doodle wendy. her proud fur-parents, ryan and alex, are getting a glimpse of the sleepless nights, crying and lots of bathroom business that children bring. 🙂
  3. adrian, claire and i are headed out this weekend to enjoy labor day in san diego. a relaxing three day weekend on the beach sounds perfect to me!
  4. claire’s new hospital date for the ketogenic diet is september 21st. also, just this week claire has pushed the keys on a piano toy all by herself and banged her maraca on her high chair tray independently too. those are HUGE things for her! she also has learned that throwing her arms up in the air means “pick me up!” GO CLAIRE!!
  5. it’s september. just this fact makes me extremely happy. september means october is around the corner and that is my most favorite month ever. i am already planning what new autumn crafts i can create. happy happy joy joy.

all right, that’s it for now. i am working on changing up the look of the blog and i promise to take lots of pictures in san diego to share. you all still haven’t seen claire in her yellow polka dot bikini. it is the cutest thing ever.

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