the big debut.

Jul 10, 2009

yes, i have been MIA for a few days. sorry. but it will all be well worth it. trust me! are you ready?!?!

i now present to the internets the worldwide premiere of the most beautiful smile in the entire universe-

(sorry if it takes awhile to load!) but didn’t that just make your day? every time i watch that happy face my heart bursts with joy. in the midst of seizures, intense medications, special needs and abnormal sleep patterns- she still can give us a glimpse of pure bliss.

some things you should know about claire- she loves clicking noises, she loves repetitive vowel sounds and she loves to wiggle.  we indulge those loves of hers every opportunity we get. i don’t care if i sound like a weirdo to everyone in the room. she deserves it.

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