tomayto, tomahto.

Jun 22, 2009

side note: i need to do more posts about random stuff in my life. i’ve realized that our family blog has become nothing but updates on outings/medical stuff and i have so much more to share than that! i miss using it as my creative outlet to share ideas and ponder new things. my goal is to change that and focus more on some of the little loves in my life. like cooking, baking, crafting, reading, music, shopping, the list goes on and on…

it’s lunchtime and i don’t feel like a sandwich. or a salad. or fast food. years ago my mom gave me this super easy, healthy and light lunch idea and i crave it. here’s the lowdown- arrange about 8 crackers on a plate (i use milton’s herb and garlic rounds.) then thinly slice up a roma tomato (or whatever kind you have around.) place the tomato slice on top of the crackers. sprinkle with shaved or shredded (NOT grated) parmesan cheese (i get the kind in the little plastic tub for quick use.) season the crackers with fresh cracked pepper and italian seasoning. drizzle a wee bit of balsamic over the crackers. microwave for about a minute and enjoy! they are fresh, zesty and filling. yummy!


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