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Jun 11, 2009

thanks to two very special people (you know who you are) the venders enjoyed a fabulous week in minnesota. we are so blessed to have generous loved ones in our lives that helped us make the trek to my home state. i love minnesota. and i miss it dearly. everytime i visit i dream of living there and raising my family in a land where kids run between each other’s lawns, neighbors know your name and there’s green. green everywhere. and words like supper, pop, uf-da and hot dish are not foreign 🙂 comfy, familiar minnesota, i miss you already.

claire was an angel on the plane rides. totally awake the whole time there and totally asleep the whole time back. but quiet and her sweet self both times. she hung out on her boppy pillow in my lap the entire flight.IMG_0799

one of of the highlights of the trip was introducing claire to all of her relatives that she had yet to meet. and one of those most important people was my uncle brad. he will now be known as the claire whisperer since he lulled our little girl into a sleepy peaceful rest everytime they cuddled.IMG_0817

claire also got to meet her great great aunt elaine (who her middle name is after.) i think they had an instant bond.IMG_0887

we also took a picture of four generation of stettler women. my grandma bonnie, my mom lisa, me and claire.IMG_0902

here’s claire with her great grandparents that she met for the first time.IMG_0906

and here’s all the evjen gang that ventured up from phoenix. (we missed you alex!!)IMG_0890

unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures many times so i missed a lot of things. silly mommy brain. but there was lots of visiting with my grandma nancy too, an evjen cousins reunion, an evening with our friends the luncefords and panera bread co visits. yum. oh and the last half of our trip was welcomed by rain, clouds and record low temps for june. brrr, it was sooo cold. like january in phoenix. i was not prepared.

claire was exceptionally great the first four days up in the twin cities. she was sleeping all night, awake all day and a happy girl. rochester must not have agreed with her because she returned to her bad habits of sleeping all day and awake all night being fussy. mommy and daddy did not sleep much then. i think she has these times when her teething is really bugging her. i can’t figure out what else it would be.

and i am starting to accept that with claire there are good days and not so good days but they are still DAYS that i get to spend with my beautiful daughter. and there is such joy in that.IMG_0809

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