Mar 19, 2009

last weekend, our little family (minus lily) traveled to las vegas to visit our newest family member, alyssa hope. what a cutie! i can already envision shopping trips with tia nicky and prima claire in her future!


we had a wonderful road trip, claire did awesome with her bottle and was an angel in the car and hotel room. she was a bit cranky at nights but that can be attributed to two little teeth popping up on the bottom of her mouth! we only wish rich and ivana lived closer so we could spend more time together. i remember all the time i spent with my cousins growing up and i am so thankful claire now has two special cousins in her life. here’s the troublemakers together:


it isn’t easy getting three little kids to pose for you, that’s for sure! big hug and kiss to richie and alyssa, we miss you guys already!

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  1. Lucy (Vender) Finch
    March 19th, 2009 at 9:05 pm #

    OK, so I got curious and started putting relative’s names into the google thing. I put Eric’s name in (he was in our wedding), and I click on a response about a “beautiful niece” that he can’t wait to see. I come up with this page, and my heart just wrenches about what’s going on with your precious Claire. Wow! I began praying for this child I didn’t even know existed, and I cannot stop clicking on all the things that I can to get to know my cousin, his wife, and his gift from Heaven. Know that I am praying for you both (I was glad to read about your Valentine’s get away), and for your baby. (Just so you know, I listen to the CD from your wedding all the time!) Let me say a prayer for you now: Heavenly Father, You know exactly why you put that treasure into the care of Adrian and Nicky. I praise you for your plan, for your choice to have her there, and for the love you have given them for her. You are truly AWESOME!!! Please, Lord, you know the desires of their hearts, and you have your reasons. I pray they will learn to rely more and more on your precious Son, and that He will be the hand to which they hold. I pray you are keepint their tears in such a precious bottle, that it will be a healing balm when they get to you. Encourage them now, Father. Help Claire grow, eat, see, laugh, smile, and bring much joy to all who meet her. Give us all the ability to see the treasure she truly is, even if it’s only online. In your precious Son’s Name I pray–Amen
    Bless you Adrian and Nicky! Love, Your cousin, Lucy

  2. nicky
    March 19th, 2009 at 9:44 pm #

    hi lucy! thank you so much for your comment and especially for your prayer. that means so much to adrian and me! hope all is well with you!

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