chapeau de fleur.

Mar 21, 2009

claire has the sweetest, most craft-tastic auntie amber. this week a special little package arrived and inside was the cutest crocheted cap i have ever seen.


the flower is interchangeable to match miss claire’s outfits. perfection. you know how i love hair accessories for my baby girl! if auntie amber was here right now, claire would give her a big slobbery kiss and then probably start crying. why you ask? because as i previously mentioned, the pesky tooth fairy has come to visit the vender household. claire does not like her one bit! especially at night. poor claire. i wish she knew how to hold things to her mouth so a chew toy would offer some relief. currently, the only thing she wants is to chomp on her pacifier like a baby piranha. here’s proof:


anyway, visit amber’s etsy shop and buy lots of goodies!!

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