first the good news, claire finished her entire bottle for the first time ever! she has been making great progress eating by herself and we are very optimistic that she will one day be free of the icky feeding tube. she is still loving solid foods as well and is a huge fan of peas. go claire!

the bad news is what is going on in our state. arizona has somehow decided that is acceptable to cut funding for the early intervention program. what this means is claire’s feeding, physical and vision therapies will no longer be paid for. i am in utter shock that of all things the state could cut back on, they deemed innocent babies with disabilities as not worth the cost. it makes no sense fiscally or morally. early intervention helps many babies overcome delays so that they can avoid special education and even more costly services as they age. by cutting these necessary programs, the state is only creating a situation where older children will need more state services b/c they didn’t get the help they needed during the most important beginning stages of life. morally i am at a loss of even what to say. the fact that lawmakers in our current society could have such a disregard for the most vulnerable people in our state is pure horror to me. some people may ask “well what did parents do before the state paid for these things?’ that just shows complete ignorance to the history of how people with disabilities have been treated in our country. they used to TAKE your baby, send them away to an INSTITUTION and tell you to FORGET about them. we pay taxes just like any other family so your kids can go to public schools, you can ride a nice light rail system to work and if you get injured there is money there to help support your family. in the same way, babies with disabilities NEED therapies to have any chance at acquiring skills that most parents take for granted. i am not complaining that my baby may not get the cream of the crop education so she can become some scholar here. i am pleading for the chance for my BABY to learn to hold her own head, eat on her own, and use her eyesight for goodness sake. the fact that the state now thinks those kind of basic life skills are not worth it for my child to attain sickens me beyond belief. i cannot even imagine how a single mom on a low income with three other kids at home would even survive having therapy taken away from her baby with special needs. adrian and i have the opportunity to have a good income, have me stay at home and have the knowledge to implement therapy interventions with claire on our own if there is no way to keep paying her therapists for their work. i am so thankful for that but i am crying with the thousands of families who do not have those opportunities. i am sending my letter to our state representative to tell them of my outrage and have my voice heard. i encourage you to do the same.


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weekend away.

Feb 24, 2009

we spent last weekend up north in sedona with ryan and alex at her parent’s vacation home. it was claire’s first trip, which we were a little worried about but overall it went extremely well. it was a super relaxing couple of days and you can’t beat the awesome views from the vacation home. they are indescribable. it is such a blessing to live in such a beautiful state. sometimes i forget how versatile arizona is. we have mountains, deserts, scorching heat, snowy ski slopes, forests and incomparable red rocks all within a few hours. if only we had the beach too! we really enjoy spending time with ry and alex and are so thankful that claire has such an amazing aunt and uncle to love her.




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over valentine’s weekend, adrian took claire, lily and me on a picnic at the farm at south mountain. almost 6 years ago, adrian and i tied the knot there under the canopy of pecan trees as the sun dropped behind our gorgeous mountains. just sitting there with our beautiful baby girl and lovable puppy was a amazing reflection on how fast times passes and what huge changes life brings. it was a great day. claire was awake and happy the whole time, i fed her the bottle for the first time in public and she did a good job. lily was an angel as always and had fun chewing on all the sticks lying around. if you live in the phoenix area and have never visited the farm, i beg you to add it to your schedule. it is a true gem in our desert and a wonderful place for fresh, organic, local food as well.



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Feb 1, 2009

super bowl sunday is here! we are so excited in arizona that our long suffering cardinals are poised to win it all. did you know that their drought is outmatched only by the chicago cubs? we may not have had any crazy curses from goats or anything but it’s about time for the cards! we were out running errands yesterday and it was crazy seeing the majority of people decked out in their red and flags flying from their cars. it almost brought a tear to my eye. i am also a devoted mn vikings fan (not to worry minnesota family, i haven’t given up on them either) but adrian has been a steadfast cardinals man since birth and i am pumped to cheer on the hometeam. isn’t football the best? i hope the celebration of the cardinals victory lasts all the way into this upcoming august so life without football will not feel too long! and did you even have to ask my prediction? CARDS WIN!!! and if you don’t believe me then you will have to live with the fact that your disbelief is causing little claire to cry. here’s the evidence:


shame on you! now turn that frown around by joining with us.


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