grumble grumble.

Nov 19, 2008

sorry for the lack of posting. it’s been a rough last week for me and to top it all off my diaper bag was stolen out of the car parked in our garage in the span of a minute. bye bye to my blackberry, digital camera, designer wallet and misc. items. boo! i have never before actually wanted to commit an act of violence against someone but if i ever meet the rascal who did this, i would be very tempted to pull out their hair! at least our homeowner’s insurance is cutting us a check for the stolen goods (after the deductible is taken out of course.) so for now i am camera-less and phone-less. it feels soooo weird.

today marks the end of our stint trying the enfamil gentle-ease formula. we find it to be neither gentle or easy. instead it has created crying fits that last for hours and the smelliest farts ever to be emitted from a 12 pound body. we’re going to give this organic brand a try since it is corn-free and you would be surprised that most formulas have corn syrup solids as their number one ingedient. doesn’t sound yummy to me. crossing my fingers that this one agrees with miss claire’s bowels! feeding therapy is still trucking along. not much progress since claire’s acid reflux is still in full force so we are taking things slow. and still no smiley baby yet either which is breaking my heart but i am trying to remember that claire is setting the pace here and i cannot force her to do what she is not ready to do. she reacts to people with a bunch of little facial expressions anyway and is more alert than ever. i just wish we could calm her upset tummy and make her feel more comfortable! then maybe we could get her smiley.

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  1. Mike Olbinski
    November 19th, 2008 at 11:26 am #

    Not good news about the stolen stuff, I wonder if the cops think it was the same boys who have been doing it all over the neighborhood?

    That’s GREAT news that Claire is reacting to people Nicky, you have to be excited for that right?

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