ode to lily.

Oct 15, 2008

baby lilylily girl
today our furbaby, lily, turns four. she is one special, smart and super friendly doggie. lily loves tennis balls to a fault, swimming, the word “food”, giant stuffed animals, eating popcorn, burying her head in anyone’s lap, her uncle/boyfriend matt, playing with her best dogfriend gracie and attention of any kind. on top of all the normal dog tricks, she knows the names of all of her toys and can bring them to you on command. she also plays soccer better than me. lily hates any mention of the words “ears” and “stinky” due to her frequent ear infections (we can’t keep her out of the swimming pool) and visibly pouts when people leave our house. she also wins the award for world’s hairiest dog and no matter how often you brush her, she will quickly cover everything in sight with her fur. we still love her though. she is our silly lily and as human as a dog can get. don’t ever leave us lily, okay?

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