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Oct 12, 2008

i love lists. i also love when we do icebreakers at the beginning of our church smallgroup that involve our favorites about a certain topic. it’s so fun to share yours and then hear what your friends love about something too. anyway, since halloween is approaching, i thought i’d share my top 5 candy loves. this is on my mind since my halloween candy stash in hiding in my kitchen cupboard and i am doing my best to avoid stealing some from my future trick-or-treaters. here you have it-

top 5 candy loves

  1. kit kat: my absolute favorite.
  2. take 5: chocolate, caramel, pb and pretzels!? yum!
  3. sour patch kids: i will eat them until my tongue is raw from the sourness.
  4. plain m&ms: mixed with popcorn is my ultimate movie snack.
  5. hot tamales: they are so weird but so addicting.

now it’s your turn. what are your top 5 candies?

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